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Every year, Philadelphia public schools run out of paper. While parents hold independent paper drives and teachers ration paper as much as possible, the alarming fact remains, that the majority of students finish every school year without paper in their classrooms.

PPJ - ee3d3f - squaresMission
In response to the Philadelphia public schools running out of paper, the Philly Paper Jam (PPJ) program has been created. PPJ’s mission is to ensure 30 public elementary schools receive the paper they need for the 2016/2017 school year. As a city we can help solve this problem through awareness plus sponsorships from corporations, small businesses and individuals.

PPJ - facbcc - squaresWhy 30 Schools?
The School District of Philadelphia (SDP) has a total of 149 public elementary schools. PPJ knows that having a successful first year is imperative to the longevity of the program. The first 15 schools have already been selected by the PPJ team and cover various neighborhoods throughout the city. The second set of 15 schools will be part of a marketing campaign to help create awareness about PPJ. Each one of the remaining 134 elementary schools will have the opportunity to join the ‘PPJ 30’ through a citywide contest. The 15 schools with the most votes (anyone can vote) will be selected to join the program. Enter the Contest

PPJ - b6e1e2 - squaresMeet The First 15
To view the schools currently available to sponsor, please click here.  Once there you will be able to view the individual schools and total cost for sponsorship. Remember that no donation is too small and that this program can work with any size budget. It cost as little as $90 to sponsor one classroom. Currently, we have individuals that are sponsoring a few classrooms, small businesses that are sponsoring a portion of a school, and corporations that are sponsoring entire schools.

PPJ - 313033 - squaresFiscal Sponsor: Crosstown Coalition
Crosstown Coalition is the fiscal sponsor for Philly Paper Jam this year. The Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation created in 2014, directed by board of volunteers nominated by a federation of civic associations which have united to advocate on a non-partisan basis for quality of life issues and, further, to share resources, best practices and economies of scale for the benefit of the Coalition and of its member organizations. Crosstown Coalition will be handling all donations, funds, and tax donation letters until Philly Paper Jam obtains their 501c3 status.

PPJ - bfd330 - squaresFuture Goal: Better Pricing for Every School
PPJ is helping to provide the opportunity for schools to save on their cost of paper purchases for the entire year. This is done by combining any schools (that are interested) into one large, bulk paper order. Doing so, allows for a cheaper cost per case of paper and the cost savings is passed onto all the schools included on the order. Making this the very first time that the schools in the SDP will have the opportunity to combine their paper orders under the PPJ program in an effort to save much-needed funds. We hope to offer this options for people who would like to donate to a school that is not on the PPJ 30 very soon.

PPJ - 852157 - squaresThank You
We hope you will consider any type of sponsorship with one of the schools from the PPJ 30. This is a great opportunity to support your local schools, while marketing your brand/business to families in Philadelphia. For additional information or if you are interested in sponsoring a local public elementary school not on this years PPJ 30 list, contact us and we can easily get your donation set up. Thank you.

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