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Q. How many schools is the program working with for the 2016/ 2017 school year?

A. 30. 15 schools have been established. 15 additional schools will be determined by popular vote. Learn more…

Q. How were the first 15 schools determined?

A. The first 15 schools were set by the program founder, Sibyl Lindsay, of HipsterHenry.com “The Parent’s Guide to Philadelphia.”

Q. Why are you “only” doing 30 schools?

A. In order for the program to grow it needs to be successful in its very first year. The program determined that 30 was, although still a challenge, the maximum number of schools that it could support during in the inaugural year of the program.

Q. Is it possible for a sponsor to contact Philly Paper Jam and ask to sponsor a school that is not on the list?

A. YES! Of course. If your company has a school that it already works with or would like to sponsor for Philly Paper Jam to take advantage of this great opportunity we will help make that happen. Contact Us.

Q. When will the winners of the Philly Paper Jam Contest for the last 15 schools be announced?

A. The entire city can vote for their favorite school until 12:00 p.m. on  Thursday, September 29th. The winning schools will be announced on Philly Paper Jam Facebook on Friday, September 30th.

Q. If a school is not a part of the Philly Paper Jam 30 how can they still benefit from the program?

A. Yes. Right now we are talking to paper suppliers and negotiating the best bulk price per case possible for the program. Once that is determined we will offer that case price to all schools in the School District of Philadelphia.