MEET: Thomas Mifflin

Meet: Thomas Mifflin School

3624 Conrad St, Philadelphia, PA 19129

(East Falls)

99814_mifflin_thomas_school_philadelphiaThomas Mifflin School has just over 300 students from the Head Start preschool through eighth grade. The best thing about the school is that it feels like a big family. The principal, Ms. Leslie Mason and her co-captain, Ms. Michelle Shaw-Carpenter are smart, friendly, loving, supportive and hard-working!

The school faculty is excellent. Every one of the teachers is well-qualified, creative committed. Even the staff and volunteers knows each of the students by name. The community has helped out with paper supply in the past and although everyone was truly grateful that kind of random charitable act of support is not sustainable. Having paper for an entire year would free some room in the school budget for other basic necessities that the school struggles to provide. When paper runs low, teachers spend their own money on providing paper for their classrooms in addition to a long list of things that other districts purchase per pupil. Notices to families have to be printed for families to learn about opportunities and information from the school and this kind of material should not be coming out of the pockets of the faculty and staff. Not every student has access to the same resources.
Teachers begin supplying their own classrooms with paper from the beginning of the school year and the school still provides 17 classrooms with five cases per classroom; whereas the office uses fifteen cases of white paper and 10 cases of color paper.

Tammy Murphy, Co-chair of Friends of Mifflin